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Willow Ship

Sustainable Kitchen Gift Set - Sunshine

Sustainable Kitchen Gift Set - Sunshine

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Fulfilled by our friends at Willow Ship

Give the gift of a beautiful eco-kitchen upgrade—or keep it for yourself! Our Sustainable Kitchen Gift Sets combine all the best ideas into one design-forward package: sustainability, style, hand-craft and support for small businesses! These items are handmade in the USA and feature sustainability-inspired materials like ceramic, linen, tampico and responsibly-sourced wood. Support small makers while also doing good for the environment!

We're proud to offer this unique collaboration between three Portland, OR-based, women-owned brands:

Willow Ship x Sunflower Studio x Utility Refill & Reuse

Included in this gift set:

All packaged in a custom-designed mailer box.

--> Yes, we can gift wrap that—and handwrite your note! View the options here.

 * Are you new to solid dish soaps? They're wonderful. One dish block eliminates the need for multiple bottles of dish soap. To use, wet your brush, cloth or sponge and rub over the dish block to lather up. Then, wash as usual. To create a basin of dish washing water, place the block under running water for a little bit to create a sudsy sink. To prolong the (already long) life of the dish block, we recommend propping the soap up to dry thoroughly between uses.

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